Daily Productive Sharing 131 - How to block time with paper and pen?

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在之前的分享中,我们介绍过 time blocking 这一时间规划方式,今天的作者在旅行笔记本上践行这一方式:

  1. 使用周历安排每天的计划,先将每天最重要的事情 block 出来;
  2. 在 block 之间安排其他事项;
  3. 使用月历安排/追踪自己的重要安排。
  4. 将笔记本和 app 有机结合起来,各取所长。

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How I Time-Block and Plan in a Traveler’s Notebook

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In our previous sharing, we introduced time blocking as a way of planning time several times, and today's author is practicing it in her travel notebook:

  1. use a weekly calendar to plan each day, blocking out the most important things for each day first.
  2. schedule other things in between blocks.
  3. use a monthly calendar to plan/track your important schedule.
  4. combine the notebook and the app to make the best of each.

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How I Time-Block and Plan in a Traveler’s Notebook

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Planners are incredibly useful tools. They stand as a road to where you’re going, but also as a record of where you’ve been.

Each morning, I plan out the biggest chunks of my day. There’s usually a “Wake” time somewhere in there, followed by an hour of “Prep” (which may include a tasty cup of coffee with colleagues at the office), and then the major events for the day.

I block things out each morning and try to provide at least some sort of roadmap for the next 16 hours of awake time.

I find this works best to look at in the days leading up to a new month, as I attempt to keep reasonable track of different major events in the monthly spreads.

This Monthly notebook is strictly a monthly planner — I use it to plan months in a general way. I then translate some monthly plans into the Weekly Vertical notebook if I plan to complete something within a given week.

The work itself is more important than the planning, after all.

This index is my attempt at mitigating the major shortfall of using a physical notebook for idea-making and planning: searching and categorizing.