Daily Productive Sharing 966 - The Sweet Pressure

Daily Productive Sharing 966 - The Sweet Pressure
Photo by Alexander London / Unsplash

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Herbert Lui notes that a certain amount of stress is also an ideal state:

  1. The creative process is a form of exploration, which means you don't know what the final work will look like until it is completed;
  2. The reason we feel like impostors is because we are exploring and unsure of the outcome. This feeling disappears once the results are found;
  3. When you persist under this appropriate level of stress, you will definitely improve.

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Herbert Lui 指出有一定的压力也是一种理想状态:

  1. 创作过程是一种探索,这意味着你不确定最终作品会是什么样子,只有在完成后才能知道;
  2. 我们之所以觉得自己像是一个冒充者,是因为我们正在探索,并且不确定结果如何。直到找到结果,这种想法才会消失;
  3. 当你在这种合适的压力下坚持努力,你一定会变得更好。

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